Our Fees

All fees are the same for video or phone sessions.

If paying by cash, check, or credit card, fees are due at the time of session.

Individual Therapy Session


50 minute session

Sliding Scale

$80.00 – $100.00

Immigration Psychological Evaluation

$800.00 – $1000.00

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Please be aware that if you use insurance, I will be required to provide a diagnosis on invoices and claims. Coverage may be limited to certain mental conditions that are covered by your plan.

If I am a provider in your plan

I will submit claims for you, but at our session you must pay any copayment or coinsurance for any portion not covered by your plan.

There  may be a deductible (an amount you will need to pay out of pocket) before your plan begins covering sessions. If insurance does not pay as expected, you remain responsible for the balance.  

You have the right to waive using insurance coverage, if desired.

If I am not a provider in your plan

You will pay me in full at the session. I can give you an invoice if you wish to seek reimbursement from your plan. Many plans do not cover sessions with a provider who is not in their network.

Secondary Insurance

It is your responsibility to tell me about all possible insurance  plans that might cover my services (example: if you have Medicare in addition to a secondary policy, or coverage through your work and a family member’s work). If you do not, you may be responsible in full if claims are denied.


Limits of Medical Coverage

Even if you have insurance coverage for unlimited  sessions, health plans may review treatment for medical necessity, limit length of treatment or frequency of sessions, and request treatment notes. While I may check coverage for you, you are  responsible for verifying and understanding the limits of your coverage. Although I am happy to  assist your efforts in obtaining insurance reimbursement, I am unable to guarantee whether your health plan will provide payment for the services provided.

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