This is my first time in therapy, what can I expect?

I will complete a free 15 minute consultation. I will assess to make sure tele-health therapy is appropriate for you. 

I will send you intake forms to complete before our first full session (depending on if you want to use your insurance or opt out.) Read more about the different types of sessions on our Services & Approaches page. 

If you are using insurance, Alma would need to confirm insurance coverage for psychotherapy before the intake, to ensure your sessions are covered. Read more on our Fees & Insurance page. 

If you are ready to book your 15-minute consultation, click below

Do you speak Spanish?

Daniela Alvarado speaks Spanish.

If you need to translate this site, please choose the English/Espagñol option in the menu.

Do you provide in-person psychotherapy?

No, we provide teletherapy on the computer or on the phone.

Read more about our sessions on our Services & Approaches page. 

Do you accept private insurance?

Yes, we accept private insurance. Please be aware that if you use insurance, we will be required to provide a diagnosis on invoices and claims. Coverage may be limited to certain mental conditions that are covered by your plan.

Read more on our Fees & Insurance page. 

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